Wednesday, August 27, 2008/ 7:54 AM
Happy Training Day!

Hi people,

Cheer up. I know that some of you are upset that there is no teacher in charge to take care of you all. Never mind, you are old enough to look after yourselves. Friday is Sports Carnival, remember to take part in any one of the event. Cos you just need that to get ONE CCA point. So do not let it go to waste since most of you had already joined the Intra School Badminton Championship. :)

I am fine. Super busy with my school work. Lots and lots of assignments! Everyday got to study until very late also. So tiring. But I am enjoying myself. Loved the positive learning environment where I get to learn new things. I will try to check this blog every now and then. You all get Michelle to let you all to post blog. Then you can post your thoughts here and we can communicate through this blog.

Ok. I got to do more research for my assignments. Talk to you all again.

Take care.

Ms Ellenn

Tuesday, August 19, 2008/ 3:37 AM
want to blog?

HELLO, THOSE WHO WISH TO BLOG DROP ME A MAIL OKAY! :D shimmering_@hotmail.com, :)

Monday, August 18, 2008/ 6:39 PM

Hello there,

Its me again. How have your week been? It seemed that I am and only one who is posting here. Asked Michelle to give you all the right to blog too. Then we can all blog together.

Still don't know who is your Teacher in Charge is? Go ask Mr Raj and see what he says. You all need a teacher to take care of you all. How about a teambuilding day for this week? Teck Yeow and Rue quan, please take charge. Let them played for 1 hour and then you may played Frisbee. If you want different game, discuss and decide. But it must be everyone be playing. Then ask any PE teacher for the PE room key to borrow the equipment. Remember to have fun for the training.

Take care,
Ms Ellenn :)

Sunday, August 10, 2008/ 6:57 AM
Hi Everyone!

Dear SKSS leisure badminton players,

Hello! How's everyone? Time flies right? It had been 3 weeks that I left you all. I was sad to leave you all. You all are so fun to be with. But I just have to further my study so that I can be a better teacher. You never see me coaching you all right, cos I think I am not good enough for you. Thus that's the reason for the further study, is to become a better PE teacher.

Guess no teacher is taking care of you all right now. But no worry, you already have a system of how to work when I am not around. Just play the 15 minutes interval and change over. Give each other a chance to play. Just have fun for the two hours and then can go home. If you all want, can organise a Frisbee or captain's ball match once a month. You may call that TEAM BUILDING. :) Do not let the issue of no teacher in charge to bother you all, focus on how to have fun during the two hours of training every week. Organise a mini competition among yourselves. Hey, Teck Yeow and Rue Quan, its time that you two take up the leadership and lead the rest. If you two don't work, I will ask Mr Raj not to give you the LEAD points. :P
If you need help, can ask me for ideas on how to motivate the rest. This is your show! :)

How come I don't see people blogging? This blog page is for all of you all, so just write down you thoughts and share with the rest. Nice to see you all still 'talking' in the shout box.

Ok. Talk to you all again. Take care yah.

Ms Ellenn

Sunday, July 13, 2008/ 10:02 PM
SKSS Intra School Badminton Championship 2008

More Pictures.....

Wednesday, July 9, 2008/ 7:30 PM
SKSS Intra-School Badminton Championship 2008

Actions during the Championship.

/ 2:30 AM

Training Schedule

Day: Every Wednesday
Time: 1500 - 1700
Venue: SKSS Hall


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Hello, we are a group of people in Sengkang secondary.
There are a handful of us involved here of different ages and genders.
we might not have much in common, but one thing that is common among us is we are all members of the Badminton(leisure) team.
Unlike the School team, we do not take part in competitions, we just play for fun & experience.
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